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Ruth Paz Pediatric Hospital


Medical attention

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The most frequent cases of care are: fractures, clubfoot malformations, spine and knee prosthesis for adults and children, treating a total of 545 patients annually.

Fisura Labial y Paladar Hendido.png

Cleft Lip and Palate

Cleft lip & palate is a congenital malformation that occurs during pregnancy due to deficiency of folic acid and prenatal vitamins. These little ones suffer from malnutrition since birth due to the difficulty for them to feed. Thanks to the medical brigades, we manage to rebuild 40 lives, 40 smiles annually.

Cirugías de Corazón.png

Heart surgeries

With the help, love of neighbor and the support of medical professionals, we are able to correct approximately 24 heart murmurs annually. There are 24 life opportunities that pass through our hands.



We treat 130 cases of 1st and 2nd degree burns a year (partial burns to the body that do not compromise any organs, such as cleanings, grafts, and reconstructions). The patients with burns of greater severity are transferred to Hospitals in the United States.



We perform approximately 180 ear, nose and throat surgeries a year, also meeting a constant need for tonsil and adenoid surgery in children and adults.

Consulta General.png

General Consultation

Medical care is provided to children and adults to assess their health and complexity. From 2018 to date 3,283 patients have been treated.


Dentistry and Orthodontics

At the Ruth Paz Clinic we offer diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral health. Serving approximately 5,000 patients a year. The orthodontic area is a key specialty in the complete recovery of patients treated for cleft lip and palate.


Clinical laboratory

Studies are carried out to diagnose diseases by analyzing samples that contribute to their study and prevention. From 2018 to date 5,641 patients have been treated.

Rayos X.png


Diagnostic imaging service that helps detect different conditions. From 2018 to date 2,078 patients have been treated.



We carry out an approximate of 519 studies a year, through which doctors manage to measure the electrical activity of the heart, rhythm, strength, size and position of the chambers of the heart.

Cirugia General.png

General Surgery

Circumcisions, hydroceles 1 , cryptorchidism 2, and sublingual frenulum3 represent some of the health needs treated in surgery with approximately 400 cases per year. In addition to these conditions, 192 additional cases are attended to annually in cases of gallbladder and hernias in adults and children.

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