About us

We are a family , driven by the desire to serve others.

The Ruth Paz Foundation is a a non-profit organization devoted to providing medical services to low-income children. Our objective is to improve children’s life expectancy and quality of life through an efficient and timely medical service, with a staff thoroughly trained and committed to Honduran development. Ruth Paz, our founder started her medical charity work in 1969 bringing in medical teams and taking Honduran children to the U.S. for much needed medical care. In 1992, The Foundation was registered as a legal entity by Honduran law thru resolution No. 190-92.  In 1999, The United States Treasury Department granted The Ruth Paz Foundation 501(c) 3 status for non-governmental organization.   


The Ruth Paz Pediatric Hospital” in San Pedro Sula provides general and specialized surgeries. These surgeries are performed by local Honduran surgeons or in conjunction with US surgical brigades. Daily surgeries include: hernias, gallbladder, cysts, orchidopexia, phimosis, plastic, orthopedic, cleft lip and palate and specialized surgeries such as: cardiac, anorectal, maxillofacial, hip and scoliosis. Our hospital has the only burn unit in Honduras where we provide comprehensive burn care.  

Children are referred from public hospitals throughout the north part of Honduras due to lack of medical supplies, medicine and functional equipment. 

The Ruth Paz Foundation provides services to more than 42,000 people a year ( including more than 1800 specialized surgeries) through its various services at both the Ruth Paz Clinic and Hospital. 

We coordinate more than 16 medical brigades that come to Honduras annually to provide specialized surgery. These visiting surgical teams also train our Honduran medical and nursing personnel in each of their specialties. The joint work between foreign and local personnel furthers the Foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life of children through the delivery of high quality healthcare services, surpassing the care available within the public health system.

We rely on donations and are always fundraising and seeking donations of medical equipment and medicine in the US. 

Our History

Ruth Paz was a US native who was born in Detroit, Michigan. She dedicated her life to helping those in need and was known as the Guardian Angel of the children of Honduras.

In 1969, Ruth Paz organized efforts to care for the sick, handicapped, and poor children of Honduras. She was instrumental in bringing Donald Laub of Stanford University, founder of Interplast and his surgical team, to operate on children with congenital defects as the first medical team to come to San Pedro Sula . These children would otherwise live their entire lives with correctable deformities. A few years later, she began taking severely burned children to philanthropic hospitals in the US for trauma care that was unavailable in Honduras at that time. For thirty years, Ruth took children to the US for medical treatment that they otherwise would have had no chance of receiving. In 1992 the Honduran government, recognizing her many years of labor and dedication, passed a resolution creating the Ruth Paz Foundation. By this time, she had already helped 3.500 children. Ruth passed away in October, 1996 but her work is carried on by her family.

Meeting the need for follow-up dentistry and orthodontic care for children receiving cleft lip and palate surgery, the Foundation opened the doors of the Ruth Paz Clinic in 1997. Located in a very accessible area to families living in the slums and levees of the rivers in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in the country, the clinic delivers general medicine services to children and adults, in addition to dentistry and orthodontic care for children under 18 years of age. All medicines are dispensed free of charge.  As expressed by one single mother, “I have been coming to the clinic since my second pregnancy, not only do I receive prenatal care and MD checkups for my children and myself but we also receive free medicine. At the Social Security and public hospitals, we receive only prescription… they do not have any medicine.”


On August 15, 2011, we opened the Ruth Paz Hospital for Burns and Pediatric Surgery. Having sent severely burned children to the U.S. for over two decades, the Ruth Paz Hospital became the first became the first hospital in Honduras to provided specialized integral burn care to children. Additionally, the pediatric surgical unit became a means to decrease the 14-16 month waiting period for elective pediatric surgeries at the regional public hospitals. Children are referred from government funded hospitals throughout the northwestern part of Honduras due to the lack of medical supplies, medicine, and functional equipment. Currently, we are the only specialized burn hospital countrywide which is fully equipped with medicines, burn specific supplies, and equipment to save the lives of these children. We offer surgeries within a wide range of orthopedics, general pediatric, maxillofacial, cleft lip and palate, hypospadias and cardiac surgery.

Today, Ruth’s legacy is carried on by her family and by a network of volunteers. The Ruth Paz Foundation has grown into a multi-faceted nonprofit organization dedicated to making a difference in health care for underprivileged children that come to us from all parts of the country.  Bridging the gap for specialized burn care and timely pediatric elective surgeries delivered in a facility comparable to the best private hospital in the city, the Ruth Paz Hospital for Burn Children and Pediatric Surgery provides its young patients with a dignified, clean, and beautiful hospital. In our Foundation President’s words, “Being poor does not mean it’s ok to lack healthcare access… or to receive care in precarious and overcrowded conditions where the risk of hospital acquired infections threaten the lives of children already. Even though it is an everyday struggle to remain financially afloat, the Ruth Paz Hospital is strongly committed to delivering dignified care to its patients, staffed with the same surgeons and nurses working in the country’s best private hospitals.

The Ruth Paz Foundation provides direct services to more than 32,000 people a year through its various services at the Ruth Paz Clinic and Hospital. We are also responsible in coordinating more than 15 medical brigades that arrive annually to provide specialized  surgery.  

Visiting surgical teams also train our Honduran medical and nursing personnel in each of their specialties. The joint work done between foreign and local personnel furthers the Foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life of children through the delivery of high quality healthcare services, surpassing the care available within the public healthcare system.

All our services are aimed at low-income patients, who do not have the opportunity to access efficient health care.

"It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts."

- Mother Teresa

Our mission

The Ruth Paz Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing exceptional medical care to poor and wounded Honduran boys and girls, complementing the healing process with kindness and dignity in a family-centered environment.


Our vision

Our vision is that all children in need receive the medical care and compassion that every child deserves.

We need your help!