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How to Get Treatment

Ruth Paz Pediatric Hospital

Most of the patients who are cared for by the Hospital para Niños Quemados and Pediatric Surgery Ruth Paz are referred from other hospitals such as Mario Catarino Rivas or Hospital Dr. Leonardo Martínez.

The Ruth Paz Hospital attends patients mainly from the departments of the north-western region: Cortés, Atlántida, Copán, Intibucá, Lempira, Ocotepeque, and Santa Bárbara. The Hospital takes no more than a week to schedule surgery.

As an institution that focuses its services on burned children and children who need surgery, from low-income families, Ruth Paz Hospital assumes the full cost of most of these expenses. The patients contribute a minimum amount that is determined according to a socioeconomic study carried out by hospital personnel.

Based on the foregoing, the Ruth Paz Foundation requests help to defray the expenses generated in relation to the comprehensive treatment of the burned child and pediatric surgery. Both the Foundation and the Ruth Paz Hospital are committed to providing medical services regardless of the patient's ability to pay.

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