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Ruth Paz Pediatric Hospital

Burn Patient Management Training

In December 2011, Dr. Robert Sheridan, Chief of the Burn Unit at the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Boston, MA, paid a visit to our hospital for the purpose of training the medical staff in Zetoplasty, which is plastic and reconstructive surgery. that is practiced in burned patients, treating 8 cases successfully.

In the same way, all burn patients who have received treatment in Boston but who have already returned to our country were followed up.


In order that all the personnel who join the Hospital learn about the activities of the Foundation and specifically the Hospital, an induction is provided in which the mission and vision, objectives, policies, and organizational structure are disclosed. , work regulations and everything related to administrative procedures.

But above all, we want our staff to develop that humanitarian feeling that characterized our founder, Mrs. Ruth Paz.

Staff at the Boston Shriners Hospital are expected to conduct 2 training sessions per year, evaluating at each visit the techniques demonstrated at the previous visit.

The medical and nursing staff of the Burn Unit traveled to the Dominican Republic to receive training (November 2008) and recently visited the APROQUEN Burn Unit in Nicaragua (January 2012).

Together with the physiotherapy staff, they visited the Burn Unit del Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala (February 2012), where our staff participated for the second time in one of the Physicians for Peace trainings, learning specialized techniques in burn management as well as special requirements in terms of nutrition and therapy physical of the patient

The main objective of the Hospital for Burned Children and Pediatric Surgery is to provide comprehensive care for burned children, with a focus on physical and psychological rehabilitation.

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